2022/23 Hong Kong School Drama Festival: 22nd February, 2023


Name of the play: The Happy Prince


Award for Outstanding Performer

4A Lee Ying Hei ; 4A Wong Shun Hong ; 6A Poon Tsz Yiu ; 6A Yung Chung Yin ; 6A So Hoi Yan


Award for Outstanding Cooperation

Award for Outstanding Audio-visual Effects




Story to Stage Puppetry Competition for Primary Schools 2022/23:  1st Prize

31st May, 2023


Name of the play: Queen Midas and the Golden Touch

5A Chan Chi Yin

5A Lam Hoi Yiu

6B Ho Cindy Sum Wing

6B Ng Wai Yin

6C Yeung Shun



嶺南中學百周年校慶  英文書法小學校際邀請賽



3B 陳君曈

4B 馮詩雅



Cambridge English Writing Competition


3B 劉晉喬

3C 吳芊穎

4A 黃舜匡

4C 辜凱晴

5B 黃沛然

6A 戎仲言

6C 蔡欣婷