Name of the play: The Three Little Dwarfs and the Big Bad Wolf


Synopsis: One might be familiar with the Big Bad Wolf in the story of the Three Little Pig story or the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. However, have you ever wondered how the Big Bad Wolf learned to blow the Three Little Pigs’ houses down? Or what the dwarfs did when Snow White fell into her deep sleep? In this tale, you will soon find out, as all will be revealed in an enchanted place known as Wonderland.


Cast List:

Big Bad Wolf                           6A  Shu Lam Ho Hailey

Princess                                    5D  Ng Ting Yuen Zena

“Dazzle” Dwarf (Purple hat)       6D  Chu Wai Long Ason

“Chill” Dwarf (Red Hat)               4C  Yeung Shun Xylris

“Wise” Dwarf (Yellow Hat)         6B  Cheung Yuet Tsing Krissie


Feelings from the performers:

“When the team and I put forward any ideas, the teacher will listen to us and accept our suggestions. The teacher will also assign the syllabus according to the abilities of each person.”

By Hailey (character: Big Bad Wolf)


“I liked my team members in the puppetry for being nice to me and I get to learn new things too!”

By Zena (character: Princess)


“Being in the puppetry team helps me to gain more confidence among the other students and improve my speaking. However, the best part is creating a lot of memories with my teammates.”

By Ason (character: “Dazzle” Dwarf)


“My favourite part about being in the puppetry was my teammates! We had such a great time filming it.”

By Xylris (character: “Chill” Dwarf)


“This is my first and also the last year of taking part in puppetry. I really enjoyed being part of the team. Miss Bashir is very kind and I learned a lot from this experience, including cooperating and coordinating with the team members. I will never forget my time in puppetry with my teammates and teacher.”

By Krissie (character: “Wise” Dwarf)