Name of the play: Jesse Hunter and the Lost Stone



An unknown elderly lady tells the story of the great adventurer Jesse Hunter and the lost stone. Jesse Hunter receives a letter instructing her to find a magical stone. With her team of trustworthy companions, she travels to the great Egypt to retrieve it, unaware that the letter is not from who it seems.


Cast List:


Jesse Hunter                         5B Chan Yui Chi, Anja
George   4B Wong Siu Hey, Paxton
Alice  4A Cheung Wing Lam, Bernice
Helen 6B Ng Bo Lam, Bolam
Ben  4A Hon Yuk Chun, Max
Wise Man  5B Cheung Yuet Tsing, Krissie  
Penny  6B Yau Pak Lam, Bosco
Hector  6A Wong Lai Shun, Nelson
Henchman   5B Tang Priscilla
Old Lady 6D Li Wing Man, Winnie
Mummies 4B Hung Sin Ting, Sindy
  4A Ng Hei Tung, Eevee
  4D Kwong Tsz Ching, Charlotte
  4D Ng Ting Yuen, Zena
Sir Pym     5A Chin Wai Yi, Rinky
Assistant 1 6B Chan Pui Ting, Tiffany
Assistant 2  5A Lin Pei Zheng, Judy
Assistant 3    4B Lau Tsz Hei, Hailey
Assistant 4 4A Ku Lok Tin, Jose


List of awards in 2018/19 Hong Kong School Drama Festival :

  1. Award for Outstanding Performer

-6A Yau Wai Ying

-6B Wong Sin You

-5B Ng Bo Lam

  1. Award for Outstanding Script
  2.   Award for Outstanding Stage Effect


Name of the play: The Hero Academy

Script Adapters:    

 Miss Lee Yuen Yan 
 Miss Yuen Wai Yan
 Miss Siu Sui Luen
 Miss To Tsz Shan



This is a story about the community of superhero trainees. The trainees all have inherited super powers and they fight against crime for justice. “The Hero Academy” is a school for the little kids and teenagers who have inherited super powers. Cherry, one of the Super Kids, however, is working hard to uncover her own super power.

   While all super heroes in the city are busy with registration, the Chaos Kids have an evil plan to control the city by turning off the electricity. Overhearing the evil plan, Cherry and other Super Kids work together to try to save the city. Will the city be controlled by the Chaos Kids? Or will the power be back on? Will they learn a lesson?


Cast List:

News Reporter  3C Kwong Tsz Ching
Miss Incredible 6A Yau Wai Ying


Cherry 6B Yeong Tsz Lam Jorita
Icey   4B Tang Priscilla
Torch   3D Cheung Wing Lam
Aqua    2B Leow Maya Chi Teng
Hidden  5B Ng Bo Lam
Cyclops   6A Hui Lok Hei Rock
Windy  3B Wong Phoebe
Ninja      4A Chin Wai Yi
Stark Jr  5A Wong Lai Shun
Holiday    6A Wong Hong Kiu
June  6B Wong Sin Yiu
Lunar  3B Wong Siu Hey
April 2A Yeung Shun
Police 3C Ku Lok Tin



Feelings of performers:


“Sadly, this is my final year in drama at school. However, I am cherishing every moment of it. The character I played, ‘Ms. Incredible’, was a superhero teacher that taught and helped to bring out positive traits from each little superhero, which is what a teacher does─to foster and draw out the best from each student!”  

By 6A Yau Wai Ying Miffy (Character: Ms. Incredible)


“As part of the drama team for the second year and final in primary school, it is a bittersweet feeling. I will miss my team members dearly as we became friends, we learnt and helped each other in building our characters. I will continue to take part in drama in secondary school and bring along with me what I have learnt to the drama club.”

By 6A Wong Hong Kiu Rex (Character: Holiday)


“Reading the script for the first time, I was amazed and fell in love with it! Who does not like superheroes; they fight villains and save the day! Apart from the excitement, I was quite worried about the difficulties in memorizing my lines while doing the actions. Luckily, the teachers involved were patient and helped me through. Now I just cannot wait to perform in front of the audience.”

By 6B Yeong Tsz Lam Jorita (Character: Cherry)


“I was super happy being part of the school drama. I have never acted nor been in a play before. My character is called ‘Windy the Whirlwind’ so I have to use hand gestures to control and generate wind which is pretty cool! In the beginning, I was confused about the storyline and afraid of being laughed at while doing the gestures. Thankfully, the team members helped me through, I was able to grasp the skills of acting and now I am confident and wish to take part in drama again.”

By 3B Wong Phoebe (Character: Windy)


“Overall, my experience for the first time in drama was remarkable! I laughed a lot while learning how to be my character and what gestures to do. I felt silly at times but it was incredibly fun. I like the story and I enjoy acting as ‘Aqua’ because she is a superhero but not a villain!”

By 2B Leow Maya Chi Teng (Character: Aqua)



Photos : 2018-2019 Hong Kong Schools Drama Festival