A. NET Scheme

The scheme launched by EDB aims at supporting and strengthening English language learning and teaching in the school by:

  • employing a native English speaking teacher, Ms. Rizvana Bashir;
  • providing an authentic environment for children to learn English;
  • developing children’s interest in reading, learning English and establishing the foundation for life-long learning;
  • helping other English teachers develop innovative learning and teaching methods, materials, curricula and activities suited to the needs of children in the school;
  • disseminating good practices in language learning and teaching through region-based teacher development programmes such as experience-sharing seminars/ workshops and networking activities. 

Who is our NET (Native English Teacher)? She is Ms. Rizvana Bashir.
She teaches P.1-3 for PLP-R/W sessions. She will conduct English Assembly and English Corner during lunch time as well as English Street throughout the year.

Hello everyone,

My name is Ms. Rizvana Bashir and I am the school’s Native English Teacher (NET). It is my 10th year of teaching at Meng Tak Catholic School and it gives me immense pleasure working with the wonderful students and teachers here.

The journey so far at Meng Tak has been an exhilarating and rewarding one. I look forward to the coming school year and I will continue to explore meaningful and suitable competitions which students can show their potential in the usage of English.

I hope to continue doing what I love with the students and teachers at Meng Tak Catholic School and bring out the best in each and every student.

Thank you,
Rizvana Bashir


B. P.1-3 PLP-R/W (KS1)

Joining the Primary Literacy Programme Reading- Writing (KS1) initiated by the NET Section of EDB, we provide our students with the best learning resources and environment to motivate their reading interests and enhance their reading and writing abilities.


Target students:

P.1 to P.3 students 

Teachers involved:

NET, a local teacher and a classroom assistant


Reading Room

Activities in lessons:

Shared reading, guided reading, independent reading, shared writing, guided writing, independent writing, Phonics teaching, etc.

An extended activity:

Home Reading Scheme

  • Each student is given a reader every week
  • He/ She can bring it home to read with his/her daddy and mummy.
  • A Parents’ Reading Workshop is conducted at the beginning of school term each year to let parents understand more about the implementation of the scheme.